Permanent Exhibition

History squared traces the evolution of Yverdon, its territory, its town planning and its population, from prehistory to the 20th century

A great bath of 10,000 years of history spread over four floors and more than 1500 m2! The permanent exhibition of the Musée d’Yverdon et région shows the development of the capital of Northern Vaud and the surrounding area, from the origins of regional settlement in the Neolithic period to the industrial Golden Age of the 20th century.

Thanks to its heritage collections and to the jewels of the cantonal archaeological collections, the exhibition History squared restores the material culture of the inhabitants of the region during the most important periods: the establishment of the first pile-dweling sites, the construction of the Roman Castrum, the settlement of the Burgundian communities or the rise of the thermalism. The cellars of the castle house two exceptional Gallo-Roman flat-bottomed oak boats.

The permanent tour also reveals the history of Yverdon Castle, the first model of a “Savoyard square”, whose construction began in 1260 at the instigation of Pierre de Savoie. Occupied by the Baillivale authority since the Bernese conquest of 1536, the ceremonial rooms painted at the end of the 17th century are particularly remarkable and illustrate the splendour of castle life under the Ancien Régime. Discover them alone, with your family, in a group or with our guides !