The Musée d’Yverdon et région has an ethnographic collection that is as modest in volume as it is remarkable in the quality of its objects

In addition to several batches of objects brought back in the 19th and 20th centuries by the people of Yverdon during their colonial expeditions or leisure trips to Asia and Africa, the MY holds an exceptional collection of Amerindian artefacts. The twenty-five or so pieces that make up this collection are among the oldest and most prestigious preserved in Switzerland. Recently studied by prof. Christian Feest, Director of the Volkskundemuseum Wien, the collection includes ten pieces from the second half of the 18th century and fifteen from the first half of the following century. The vast majority of these pieces clearly come from the Great Lakes region of North America, although the manner of their acquisition remains unknown to this day. Some of these pieces may have belonged to Frédéric Haldimand (1718-1791) from Yverdon or his colleague Henry Bouquet (1719-1765) from Aubonne, both of whom had brilliant careers in North America.